Post Election Thoughts...

This presidential election has been uniquely polarizing and stressful on our country and communities. As the pastor of a church with members on differing sides of this, I’d like to remind us all of a few things. These 5 thoughts are not a response to Trump winning the election. In fact, I deliberately wrote this to apply to either a Clinton or Trump presidency as I did not fully support either. 

1. Regardless of who the president is, we are exiles. We belong to a better kingdom where justice reigns and joy abounds. We are part of a kingdom where the fatherless is taken care of and the widow is cared for. We are part of a kingdom made up of pardoned rebels that have been and are being restored to their glorious purpose. Our citizenship in this better kingdom should affect the way we talk, react, love, give, serve, pray, and weep. The ethic of this better kingdom changes the way we see money, power, sex, possessions, conflict, brokenness, hope, justice, etc. etc. etc. We, of all people, should walk through days like this with hope and steadiness. 

2. This election is small, insignificant, and finite in the grand scheme of things. We would do well to remember that leaders have come and gone and empires have risen and fallen. We are just a small part of history. Let’s walk on in humility and confidence that the sky is not falling and that there are bigger more significant things to worry about. 

3. Caricature is not helpful. One thing that the media perpetuates is an over exaggerated view of each candidate and party. Let’s not paint with a broad brush and miss the real people behind the persona. All Trump supporters are not racist uneducated bigots and it is harmful to assume such. All Clinton supporters are not flaming liberals that aren’t bothered by abortion or the apparent corruption and it is harmful to assume such. All Gary Johnson supporters aren’t idiots with their heads in the sand and it is harmful to assume such. Let’s remember that there is so much more to your neighbor, coworker, brother, even enemy than their political leanings. 

4. Putting your hope in something as feeble as a president or a government is foolish. Both of these are powerless to provide what you really hope for. Under all of our superficial hopes we’ll find some deep yearnings that influence almost everything we do. Man’s deepest hopes are for security, significance, satisfaction, and meaning. There is one source of provision for man’s deepest hopes; God.  Through the work of His Son, He makes provision for all the things that drive us the most. For us to look to a political candidate or legislative process as the object of our deepest hopes is folly. 

5. The Christians mandate does not include a contingency clause.  

Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.  {1 Peter 2:17}

We can honor and pray for and support the president regardless of whether or not we align with his/her policies or personal endeavors. The Christian’s response to an evil emperor should give credence to the Gospel not detract from it. 


- Matt Brewer - 

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