2017 Bible Reading Plan

For 2017 we’ve endeavored to put out a solid Bible reading plan for the church. This plan includes reading 17 books of the Bible in different genres contained in both the Old and New Testament. 

Bible reading is the single most influential discipline in all of life. I would dare to say that no other discipline in any other area has the same depth or breadth of impact on the individual. 

Here are a few goals to shoot for as you read through the book of John this month. There is nothing special about these other than them providing some structure and direction for your reading times. You can certainly set your own goals and read at your own pace. The main point here is to provide a little bit of structure to keep us all moving the same direction. We’ll be posting a new set of goals for each month as we begin a new book of the Bible. 

Goals for reading John in January: 

> Read through the entire book in a single day
> Read though the entire book 3 times in a month
> Spend some significant time in each chapter

Week One
- Read the whole book this week
- 4 chapters a day

Week Two
- Read John 1-7

Week Three
- Read John 8-14

Week Four
- Read 15-21
- Read the whole book in a single day.....sometime close to the end of the month
*January end about midway through the 5th week. Set aside a couple hours sometime towards the very end of the month to read or listen to all of John in a single day. This should take you about 2 hours of reading or listening. 

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Here is the Bible reading plan overview for the year: 
January - John
February - Genesis
March - Exodus
April - Hebrews
May - Ezekiel
June - Jonah & Nahum
July - Galatians & Colossians
August - Proverbs & Selected Psalms
Septemeber - I, II, & III John
October - I & II Samuel
November - Acts
December - Romans