June Bible Reading Plan: Week 3

Here is the Restoration Church reading plan for the third week of June.... 

Goal for the Month: Read and study through the books of Jonah and Nahum

Goal for Week 3: Read through Nahum 3 times this week. As you read, walk through the "Bible Study Questions for Nahum" listed below. 

*Each week we will be posting a new goal for reading and studying through these two books*

Bible Study Questions for Nahum

Context Questions:

  • Are there any clues about the circumstances in which the prophecy was given or written?
  • Are any people or places mentioned that you aren’t familiar with?
  • Are other bits of the Old Testament mentioned or alluded to in the passage? What part do these ‘memories’ play in the text?

Observation Questions:

  • Paying attention to when the prophet is speaking and when God is speaking, what does the passage tell us about God’s plans? What does it tell us about God’s character?
  • What kind of human behavior, if any, is condemned or rewarded? What response is called for (if any)?
  • What is the main point or points?

Meaning Questions:

  • Are there specific instructions/commands given to the reader? Does this passage mention any consequences for not following God’d commands?
  • Does this text have a sense of expectation about something happening in the future? What is to be expected and when? How should this motivate action in the present?
  • Does this passage point forward to Jesus? Is the gospel anticipated or foreshadowed in some way?

Application Questions:

  • How is your own situation similar to or different from those being addresses?
  • How does this passage lead you to trust God and His promise in Jesus?
  • How does this passage call on you to change the way you live?

*Questions from "One to One Bible Reading" by David Helm