Praying through the Psalms

Last Sunday we started on a new path during corporate prayer time for Sunday morning services, we have started praying through the Psalms together.

I'm a little late on my promise to post the resources I have been using while praying through the Psalms, but I guess it's always better late than never!

The Psalms guide I use is from Donald Whitney and you can download it here.

Each day there are 5 Psalms you can choose from to pray through.  The idea is that each day you will quickly scan the 5 Psalms for that day and then pick one to focus on and use as a prayer guide.  I will actually be on Day 8 this Sunday (4/22/2018) so you can join in on Day 8 or start from Day 1.

Now as to how you pray through a Psalm, there is no right or wrong way to do this.  You can read a verse or two, stop, make it your own, and pray it back to God.

You can also go through some guiding questions that will cause you to think about the Psalm in a prayerful way and then at the end you can pray one continuous prayer focusing on what you have learned and meditated on through the questions.  The questions I like to use are from David Helm and his COMA method. You can download the COMA question guide here.  If you scroll down near the end  you will see a section labeled "COMA questions for Hebrew wisdom literature and poetry" which works perfectly with the Psalms.  As a side note, his COMA questions for other parts of the Bible also work great as a study guide!

Again, here are the resources used for praying through the Psalms:

  1. Psalm-a-day guide
  2. COMA question guide

-Dan Zoeller