Restoration Stories: Kay Hull

From time to time, we want to highlight members of our church and tell some of their story. Today, we’re highlighting Kay Hull, or Mrs. Kay, as we lovingly call her.

Kay Hull had been a member of the same congregation for 44 years when it became part of Restoration Church in 2018 — an indication of her loyalty and her love of tradition. She admits that the changes inherent in becoming a “blended family” were especially difficult for her.

A lot of things were going on—my brother died, and my health started going downhill, and then the merge came on, so it was hard for me. I’m a very emotional person, very attached to things. I got pretty upset. It was also hard for me because we’d always had older pastors. Being an old person, to have a young pastor with new ways, it was hard to change.

Sunday School is one reason I was so heartbroken. I looked forward to teaching every Sunday, so it’s hard for me to face the fact that I’m not able to teach anymore. I felt I was laying down a good foundation for the kids, but I didn’t know how Restoration Church taught. I wondered what they were teaching the kids because things were different.

The building needed a lot of work. But me, being more like the old-fashioned religion, I couldn’t imagine what it was going to be like. They painted the walls gray, and they didn’t decorate the pews at Christmas. Christmas and Easter are very special times for me, and I loved decorating the church. Not materially, but for the Lord. So since I couldn’t decorate anymore, I felt I wasn’t needed. I was afraid I was going to be pushed out. But that wasn’t true. Satan has a way of twisting things around. I was putting emphasis on material things because I had been in charge.

Even the name. At first I thought, “Why in the world the name Restoration?”

But I went every Sunday, until I finally said, “Lord, I just don’t fit in there, but I don’t know where to go. That’s been my home all these years, and I can hardly stand to leave it, but where should I go?” Every Sunday morning, I made up my mind to go visit another church, but my car kept going to north 10th Street. It was like it didn’t know any other way to go on Sunday morning. Finally, I just gave in and said, “Lord, I guess this is where you want me to be, and I will accept it.”

When Restoration had a Sunday School program, I saw how wonderful it was, how wonderful the teachers are. I knew then that it was a good place to bring your kids for a good, strong Christian foundation. And the name. I figured it out after all this time. The word of the Lord is being restored. And, hopefully, Hamilton County will come to know the true meaning of restoration, the true meaning of serving the Lord—not just on Sundays but through the week, too.

I love the old songs. The new songs? I’m not too happy with some of them, but you know what? It’s time to learn new things. And every song, if you sing it from your heart, the Lord hears it. He rejoices when you sing from your heart. Steven and Sammi [Restoration’s worship leaders] are a new generation, so I appreciate it when they throw in a couple of older songs. My mother used to say, “This is the way it was done in my       time …” But my time has passed. It’s time for the future. It’s time to go on. Put away the old and embrace the new. As long as you stay firm with the Lord, that’s the new.”

Sunday before last, I really felt the Holy Spirit strong. The old-fashioned way, you’d go to church on Sunday and sit there like a dead, stiff body. When the pastor got through, he’d greet you at the doors and you’d go home. But the Lord says to rejoice always, and that’s what we’re doing, we’re rejoicing.

I love going to the Bible study on Sunday night. We learn the Bible to where we can understand it and apply it, not just what the pastor tells us. There’s a big difference.

I’ve grown to love the people, to love Pastor Matt. On January 1, I told him, “We have now been one year as a family,” and that’s when I really felt like we were a family. It’s hard to remember everybody’s name, but I remember their faces. Everyone is so loving. I’ve never really had anybody to help me since I’ve had a disability, but if I needed help and called on them, I know they would be more than happy to help.

Now I’m proud to be a member of Restoration Church. It fills my heart with joy to know that our church—my home church—is going to survive and grow and go on until the Lord comes.