Local Participation

Here are two key ways that you can participate and connect with Restoration Church...

Restoration Church meets every Sunday morning to remember and celebrate the Gospel. You are more than welcome to join us for these gatherings. A typical service includes good fellowship, engaging music and expositional preaching. We always conclude our gatherings with the opportunity to take communion and pool our resources. Dress is casual and the atmosphere is welcoming. We meet at 772 N. 10th Street just a few blocks north of the square in Noblesville. 

The service starts at 9:30 AM and usually concludes around 10:45. Someone will greet you at the door to make sure you find your way around and introduce you to a few people. 

Childcare is provided for children up to 2nd grade. Typically you will check your child in before the service starts, but they will stay with you for the music during the first part of the service. About midway through each service the children are dismissed to go to their classes. 
*Childcare is provided as a service and is not mandatory. You are welcome to keep your children in for the full service if you wish. 

Restoration groups meet weekly in homes around Noblesville. These groups provide a practical way for us to live out the gospel both face to face & shoulder to shoulder. All of our groups are centered around studying the Bible together. This gospel centrality gives us a good base to build deep relationships off of. These groups are easy to jump into and are always open to new faces. Feel free to bring your children and have a good time exploring God's word. There are currently four groups that meet on different nights of the week.....one on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. For specific information about where groups meet and which one fits you best please click on the button below to send a short email. Give us a little information and someone will contact you quickly. 

I'm interested in staying connected

We're so thankful for everyone that has helped and is helping Restoration Church get started. Here are two ways you can continue to stay connected and support this effort...

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2.  If you would like to contribute financially to Restoration Church you can do that by clicking on the link below.