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Marriage Maintenance Assessment

Answer each question on a scale from 0-10. (0 = worst, 10 = best)

You should have two answers for each question….one for how you feel and one for how you think your spouse feels.



 Me         Spouse

______   ______I am doing well in my personal spiritual life. 

______   ______I am encouraged by our spiritual life together. 

______   ______My spouse knows when I am struggling spiritually and with what I am              struggling with spiritually. 

______   ______I know how to specifically pray for my spouse. 

______   ______I regularly pray for my spouse and our family. 

______   ______We regularly pray and read scripture together. 

______   ______We regularly talk about the bible, spiritual things, and have ‘gospel                  conversations.’

______   ______I am satisfied with our involvement in the church. 

______   ______My spouse and I participate in ministry together (pursuing the lost,                  serving the needy, and leading in the church). 

______   ______Our family regularly participates in family worship. 



______   ______Our marriage is what I hoped for. 

______   ______I feel loved and cared for in our marriage.

______   ______I feel respected by my spouse.

______   ______I often times harbor ager towards my spouse. 

______   ______I feel like my spouse hears me. 

______   ______I feel like we communicate well.

______   ______I speak well of my spouse around others. 

______   ______I enjoy time with my spouse. 

______   ______I feel like we handle conflict well. 

______   ______I feel like our marriage is thriving. 



______   ______I am fulfilled by our sex life. 

______   ______My spouse and I have sex enough.

______   ______I feel like intimacy is a priority in our relationship.

______   ______I am attracted to my spouse. 

______   ______I oftentimes struggle with lust. 

______   ______I do a good job of physically pursing my spouse. 

______   ______I put my spouse’s physical needs in front of my own. 

______   ______My spouse and I do a good job of dating one another. 

______   ______I am satisfied with how often we go on dates/ have ‘us’ time. 

______   ______We help each other pursue healthy lifestyles (exercise, eating, and habits).



______   ______I am comfortable with our financial situation/ we handle our finances                  well.

______   ______I enjoy the way we work together in parenting/We are on the same                  page when it comes to parenting our children. 

______   ______My spouse often stresses me out. 

______   ______I am cool with the way things operate around the house. 

______   ______I am satisfied with the established family roles. 

______   ______I am willing to work on my marriage/I am willing to do whatever it                     takes for my spouse to thrive.