Restoration Groups

Restoration Groups are an essential part of Restoration Church. In these groups, we live life face to face where we study the Bible together by pointing each other to the gospel of Jesus. We also live life shoulder to shoulder where we strive to impact our community with the gospel.

These small groups meet in homes around Noblesville or at the church building. These groups provide a practical way for us to live out the gospel both face to face & shoulder to shoulder. All of our groups are centered around studying the Bible together. This gospel centrality gives us a good base to build deep relationships off of. These groups are easy to jump into and are always open to new faces. Feel free to bring your children and have a good time exploring God's word. There are currently 3 groups that meet on Sundays. For specific information about where groups meet and which one fits you best please click on the button below to send a short email. Give us a little information and someone will contact you quickly.

If you have questions about Restoration Groups or are interested in getting plugged into a group, click fill out the form and someone from the church will answer any questions you have and help you get connected.

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